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Your Social Media Marketing Guide- for Twitter

3 Aug , 2014  

Next to Facebook comes Twitter in the list of the largest social media sites. Leveraging this site as your marketing tool requires proper guidelines on how to use it because again, not everyone who commercializes on this site succeeds, especially when they don’t know how. So how do you use Twitter as a social media marketing tool?

  • Create an account, the very basic step. Then, continue with an improvised bio for your product—make it understandable and honest.
  • Engage with influential people on Twitter. This could either be a journalist, local artist or even your colleagues. They can help with your advertisement. Hit the follow button and find ways to discuss common topics with them, if possible, daily and not becoming too commanding but convincing.
  • Tweet regularly to gain attention and show activeness, tweet about the important details of your business in a fun and compelling way. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for a follow, retweet, mention, and favorite – take risks and do the same for them. Maybe someone out there seeks the exact product you sell and when someone does mention your account, thank them as a way of interacting with them. Friendliness is always a simple yet effective way to add value.
  • Follow the trending stories; it’s what the hashtags are for after all. Connect with people by familliarizing yourself with what’s hot and what’s new. In a way, they might recognize you and start acknowledging your business.
  • Offer your followers special discounts as your sign of gratitude, let’s say. Discounts have always been engaging.
  • Promote effectively. Promote what you have to, stick to the purpose and take advantage of images and videos about your product and don’t forget to leave contact information or a link.

Internet users are fast growing; which can mean – there are many potential customers. All you have to do is interact.



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