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Your Own Guide to a Spectacular Wedding Speech

25 Jul , 2014  

You get that kind-of cool feeling when you get the chance to speak for a wedding of either a friend, a sibling or maybe for a parent. But it’s also a burden to prepare your speech and it will suck if it’s unprepared and filled with rambling. Tips below can help you prepare that spectacular wedding speech you are soon to present.

Preparation – You will need it. Note down the important things you want to say on a card or a paper. Try practicing in the mirror, but its best when you practice with five, or more, people since when the actual speech is happening, those five pairs of eyes are multiplied many times over and it may be overwhelming – unless you’re used to speaking publicly.

Humor – Think of something that can make the guests laugh, something that won’t be offensive. Be thoughtful of who the audiences is comprised of – will they find it funny? If they laugh, then it’s an obvious sign they are paying attention to you.

Say something nice – A story or information that’s worth sharing. Don’t try to humiliate or embarrass anybody and don’t mention about the past lovers that ended badly for them. Stick to the good points like how you met them, how amazing they are together- they will appreciate it.

Share some piece of wisdom – The speech cannot be only filled with humor, at some point, it has to be serious. Sometimes it’s good to start with the serious tone and then add humor or whatever as appropriate. Say something like “Happiness is when you are with someone you truly love, and I’m glad you both found it with each other.” – Heartwarming and serious.

The rule – “2 drinks and 5-minute maximum” – When it’s time for your speech see to it you’re sober and you won’t be long enough to bore the guests.


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