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Writing Political and Campaign Speeches

23 Jun , 2014  

Political and campaign speech writing is full of rhetoric. It has to be intense and move the audience.


Writing speeches for politicians require the utmost concentration on detail. It calls for many revisions and constant practice before delivery. The oratory is similar to an essay. The writer should first draft a logical outline with interesting introduction, body and conclusion. The framework will guide the speaker in delivering the points in a coherent and forceful style.


Start by developing your theme. Describe the issues of concern in 20 words. The campaign speech should begin with a compelling explanation of the theme. Inform listeners about principal issues you want to address. It can be about social change, economic development or community concerns. The introduction must catch the attention of the public. It can be a brief personal experience, renowned quotation, relevant funny story or anecdote that reflects issues you plan to talk about. The introduction must be a partial view of the salient points.


The body should be written to support and clarify your hypothesis. It needs a comprehensive anthology of facts. An excellent speech must characterize the candidate and influence voters’ awareness of the candidate’s individuality. Shorten your words, sentences and phrases for the sake of the audience. Study the audience carefully to guarantee an effective delivery of the politician’s message. The writer should take into account whether the audience is principally male, female, or a combination therof. Consider the average age, racial mixture, geographical location and religious background as well.


The conclusion is equally crucial to the audience. It should provide meaningful issues for the audience to think about. This is the last chance to create a permanent impression. It should send a very strong message summarizing critical issues in the speech.


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