Writing Opportunities

Come Join the QCS Writing Team


It has been brought to my attention that some FOREIGN ENTITY IS TRYING TO SCAM hard working good people searching for home employment and freelance opportunities by using SOME OF THE INFORMATION obtained on this site. THIS IS A TOTAL MISREPRESENTATION AND FRAUD AND HAS BEEN REPORTED TO THE STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL. Please be advised that NO RECRUITERS are authorized to represent this company in any way. You WILL NEVER LEGITIMATELY BE ASKED FOR ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION SUCH AS TELEPHONE NUMBER; ADDRESS; SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER; or, BANKING INFORMATION. Please do not give that out to anyone. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, Steve Brown – Founder and CEO, on my direct toll free number 888-781-4438. NO ONE ELSE HAS ANY AUTHORITY TO SPEAK FOR ME OR MY COMPANY IN ANY WAY!

Opportunities Available

  • Contributing Writer
  • Staff Writer
  • Team Leader
  • Division Director

Top 10 Benefits

  1. The chance to write as much as you want.
  2. Protection from Scammers who take your work and never pay you.
  3. High volume / quantity of work available.
  4. No having to chase job opportunities yourself which reduces your writing time.
  5. Write as much or as little as you would like (500 words a day minimum).
  6. Flexibility to work with your schedule.
  7. Weekly Pay – every Monday.
  8. A nurturing and supportive environment in a collaborative team setting.
  9. Recognition and Bonus Plan for your hard work.
  10. References provided contingent upon quality output and dependability.


  1. Be a Colleague, Associate and Partner NOT an employee
  2. Do something you LOVE and not something you have to do and dread…
  3. Mental and intellectual stimulation guaranteed EVERY DAY
  4. Improve your writing skills and professionalism
  5. Be appreciated and recognized
  6. Grasp the chance to succeed

Career Opportunity NOT Employment

This is a freelance (independent contractor) zone. QCS will always be a company without employees. Working with people working for themselves has been and will always be the secret of our success. Your success is vital to QCS and QCS will be instrumental in building your personal success. Why continue to be shackled and chained by bosses and rules and regulations? This opportunity is for anyone 18 to 80 with the ability and desire to write. Come collaborate with us…. Step up and help us lead the industry… Create… Innovate… Adapt… Succeed…