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Writing Good Speeches for any Occasion

11 Jun , 2014  


Writing speeches for any event is more than putting together excerpts and anecdotes. How then do you write an impressive speech?


First and foremost is to think of a very relevant and interesting theme. The writer must figure out the message that should be conveyed to the audience. Thus, it is important to know the people who will comprise the listeners before you start writing the draft. Once you have an outline, the format is not difficult to compose. You need an introduction, the body which contains the information and a summary or conclusion.


Start with the most essential point. The speech should explain the subject matter very clearly. It must not be written from the standpoint of the speaker but from the perspective of the audience. Write as if you are speaking to them directly. The progression of ideas should be logical and can be followed without difficulty. Support each major statement with relevant examples. You can inject some humorous quips so the speech will not be too serious or monotonous.


Review the quality of your language. It should be appropriate for the occasion, topic and audience. Sentences should not be too lengthy and convoluted. Otherwise, the public may grow tired of listening to the speaker. Avoid using slang terms or jargon that will just confuse ordinary people. Read the first draft aloud so you will know if there is a smooth flow between paragraphs. Writing a speech is similar to a conversation. The sentences need not be perfect but the audience must understand the significance of the talk.


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