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Writing Credible Web Content 101

20 Jun , 2014  

Web content writing is very different from ordinary articles or regular printed content. This is what most writers do not realize. First of all, online readers skim through or read Web content quickly. They need information fast about products. They have to make split-second decisions. These readers do not have enough time to read lengthy articles.


So, how should Web content writers come up with compelling content?


Consider visitors to your websites like predators craving for useful facts regarding a product. These potential buyers are checking whether the site offers merchandise they need. Online writing is not like crafting an essay or academic dissertation. For regular articles, you give a general idea, present a discussion and come up with the conclusion.


Web pages are the exact opposite. The essential points come first. In journalism, this style is called “inverted pyramid.” The newsworthy or interesting facts come ahead before the details are given. By reading the first paragraph alone, you understand the primary thought right away. This is basically the same for Web content writing. Consumers need to get the broad picture right away.


Web readers do not have enough time to pay attention to each word that you write. Therefore, write direct and to the point. Do not be very creative. The reader may get tired and look for other similar content. Think of your readers as lazy. Your copy should be trouble-free to read. Paragraphs should be brief with a maximum of four sentences. Sentences should also be short with 12 words. Omit redundant terms. Do not use the passive voice. Do not be repetitive. Address readers directly and use the second person. Opt for a bulleted list that summarizes the principal points. This helps the visitors understand your article. Choose a good and vivid heading. Add a summary before posting your content.





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