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Writing Articles: How to do it properly?

11 Jul , 2014  

Whether it’s for your work, business or simply for fun, article writing can be challenging but there are effective methods to ensure that you churn out quality material. There are many techniques writers can use to write the best articles out of their hands but it’s still best for you know and follow the basic rules in writing an article especially if you use this as a way to make a living. To help you write better articles in the future, below are some tips:


  • Keep it Short: Articles are not needed to be long especially if you are required to work within a designated word count. This is essential in keeping the article within the working topic so that you can give an accurate message to your readers. Depending on the type of article you are writing and the purpose of the article, you don’t need to write the entire article in paragraphs. You can use bullet points if necessary. Also, best to keep it under 500 words but be mindful of the information that needs to be seen within the article. A short but informative article is always better and more appealing than a lengthy, tiresome one.
  • Focus on your idea: Think and choose which idea perfectly fits the requirement for your article. Do adequate research and read more about the topic that is assigned to you. Rely on helpful information you might find either from the Internet or any publications available. That way, you can trim down the ideas you will put into the article to make it a short but compelling read.
  • Check before submitting: Never submit an unchecked article especially if it’s a formal article edit. Read it over. Rewrite if necessary. This way, you will submit a quality-written article and fewer revisions will be needed.


Writing any kind of article is easy especially if you are an experienced writer/blogger. However, it would be better if the articles you’ve written are made in accordance with the techniques that most experts in the industry apply to their works. That way, you can come up with an informative, good-looking article each time.


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