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Writing an Effective Speech

29 Jun , 2014  

Creating a speech that is effective is something that needs effort to come out right. It needs careful research and a well-thought of idea as you need to get your message across.

While an effective speech needs to contain valuable information, it also needs to be entertaining at the same time to keep your audience engaged and maintain their interest to what you are saying.

You begin with a topic that will be interesting to your audience, but one that is relevant and has a purpose as well. Relate it to a current occasion or event or anything that will catch attention, and something that will be significant to the people.

It is necessary that you organize your speech by starting with a catchy introduction, then followed by a body that speaks on what your topic is about. Be sure though that you do not make this part dragging to keep your audience interested to what you have to say. Inject humor in the most natural way so it will not sound like you are forcing it. Lastly, end your piece with thoughts that your audience can ponder on even after your speech to create an impact.

Make three significant points at maximum to back your argument and feel free to repeat them at some points to create an emphasis. Be accessible to your audience by using the most appropriate words and the proper tone. It will also help if you try to make it visual by using picture words.

Creating a speech requires a few drafts and rewrites until you become so sure and confident that your thoughts are clear and are well presented in your writing. This is important because you need your audience to be able to follow you.

Keep it simple and short to be appreciated.



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