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What Are Your Article Writing Habits?

15 Jul , 2014  

What makes article writing effective? Is it the style? Is it the use of words or the content? While these things are important, writing articles effectively should be rooted in the habits of the writer himself. Here are some habits of the professional writers that you can try:

  • Effective writers separate the process of writing and editing. In other words, when a writer creates content, proceed writing your material in its entirety and do not worry about the work quality. While quality is indeed very important it is said that “The best flowers are fertilized by crap,” according to Cecil Castellucci, who is an accomplished director and writer. Editing can be done at a later time in which you slowly add quality to your draft.
  • Effective writers place emphasis on the interesting. These writers will always tell tons of stories and hence, they will illustrate it using anecdotes or examples in real life.
  • They utilize figures of speech such as metaphors. According to Anne Miller, a metaphor expert, “metaphors lead to instant understanding.”
  • Research, research and more research. This is a crucial step to ensure that the information you provide is current and relevant. While it may be inconvenient and tedious, effective writers know that good and sufficient research is all about asking interesting and appropriate questions. Exploring and curiosity can propel them forward to achieve higher quality material.
  • Writing is an ongoing educational experience. Writers learn from the experts and
  • Effective writers write in small spurts. Instead of writers procrastinating with their work, they persuade themselves to write a little every day no matter how frantic or frazzled they feel.

These effective writers know that language is music and hence, they read their articles aloud. This habit works to ensure that the syntax, spelling and overall flow of the articles are in check.


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