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Web Content Writing Techniques that Work

14 Jun , 2014  


Your web content should be relevant and original. It needs to engage readers and convince them to take action. Bear in mind that online readers yearn for information. They will not spend time to read your content unless it will answer their questions or provide solutions.


Expert content writers suggest that articles must be written in inverted pyramid style. General coverage of the topic must come first. Then, be more specific as you move on. It is easier for readers. They can stop at the middle and shift to the next point. It gives them more reason to finish the entire article and appreciate your content.


See to it that the write-up is concise and direct to the point. The net is not the place for a long narrative. Write a boring piece and you can be sure that readers will get tired and leave your site. Ideally, the content should be from 500 to 600 words. If it needs to be longer, create sub-sections that can be a separate web page.


Search engine optimization is vital. However, you are writing for human beings and not robots. In short, concentrate on the readers instead of search engines. Avoid using a keyword phrase twice in a single paragraph. The paragraphs must be short. Use bullet points since these are what web readers usually look for. Limit your list to seven items so people will not get tired of reading. Try to seek the feedback of readers by designing forms or creating appropriate links. The web page should remain updated and motivating at all times. Follow these tips and you will surely have excellent web content.


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