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Web Content Writing and SEO Writing

24 Jun , 2014  

Web content writing is different from writing for the traditional print publications. The main difference is Web articles should be short and not more than 1,000 words. The ideal number is between 600 to 700 words. In web writing, you need to use straightforward terms. Avoid vernaculars and complicated sentences. Use active instead of passive voice. Each paragraph should be confined to a single idea. This makes it easier for your reader to go through each paragraph quickly and get the general picture.


When you write for website content, you have to get used to front-loading the content. This means that the conclusion comes first. This is followed by the basic questions – What, Where, When, Why and How. This allows internet users to read the introductory statement quickly and understand the paragraph. It is up to readers to continue reading or not. This system applies to both paragraphs and web pages. The first paragraph must have the conclusion of the page in it.


The text should always be separated by vivid sub-heads. This will enable visitors to find out the topic of every section. All important terminologies should be highlighted in bold fonts particularly the three words that illustrate the gist of the paragraph. Bullet points are preferred over long paragraphs since it is easier to read information vertically than horizontally. It is less overwhelming and more direct to the point.


SEO Writing is distinct from crafting ordinary content. Technical concepts and research are required such as thinking of and doing keyword research. SEO writing is essential to the success of your search engine marketing campaign. It seeks out your audience and search engines as well. You need to optimize your written output for search engines to find them. In other words, you research and go for relevant keywords that will connect to the search inquiries of internet users.


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