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Ways to Write Proper Article Titles

25 Sep , 2014  

Regardless of whether the article is for your blog, for your school project, or one that you need to make as a freelance writer, a good title is critical in determining an article’s quality and the readership it’ll gain.


Using Keywords


If you want your article to generate good traffic, ensure that you use your keywords or keyword phrase in your article. Keywords in your article make people see the relevance of your article to the topic that they are looking for. You can make use of your keywords when you use a title for your headline. Make sure that keywords are nicely place in your titles and that it makes sense.


Titles that Will Solve a Problem


People were able to find your page mainly because they are looking for answers to their questions. This is where your titling abilities come into play. The article body is not the only place where you can answer relevant questions but your title can also do that. An example is the title of this particular article, “Ways to Write Proper Article Titles.” This is a solution to those people wanting to know the basic tips that they have to keep in mind when titling their articles.


Titles that Ask Questions


A lot of people will open e-mails or articles that promise to answer the questions for them. Our brains are wired to unconsciously seek for those answers so those titles will convince a reader to check the article out. Titles in the form of questions are very effective because it drives readers to associate their situation to the problem. So you can ask a question in your title such as, “How Can You Write Excellent Articles?”


Remember that your titles should contain relevant information that can be seen in your article’s body; it should be simple but direct and of course, contain the elements suggested above.


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