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Vital Attributes of Responsible Entrepreneurs

18 Jun , 2014  

Launching a business can be described as a mega marathon. It requires business proprietors to cope with ambiguities and overcome ordeals and barriers for many years. You need to have determination or else, things will not work out for you. This is what some well-known entrepreneurs describe as “doggedness.” It can be persistence or toughness. It can be any other name. The bottom line is you have to endure! If you fail, then you need to start again from scratch.


Entrepreneurs should be passionate. These people should not only be driven by money but by obsession for their particular product or service. Entrepreneurs should realize that there is an urgent requirement to address an issue and make lives for customers “easier, better, cheaper.”


Fervor should be based on your specific targets. You must have an inherent drive that provides you with an internal reward.


You must possess a tolerance for doubt. It is the capacity to endure the nightmare of uncertainty and possible failure. This is where the decisive entrepreneurial trial takes place. It is on the psychological battlefield. You have no choice but to cope with fear and push through with your business. Otherwise, you fail and may not be able to recover again. One of the essential qualities of entrepreneurship is the capability to detect an opportunity and imagine something that others cannot notice at all. Entrepreneurs acquire a sense of inquisitiveness that identifies disregarded niches and places them at the vanguard of innovation as well as up-and-coming fields. They can visualize another domain and communicate that vision effectively to customers and other stakeholders.


Self-confidence is another crucial entrepreneurial trait. You have to be confident about everything. Lastly, you must be adaptable to the evolving environment. These are the keys for survival and success.




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