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Useful Pointers in Content Writing for Web Pages

11 Oct , 2014  

Do you want to catch the fancy of more people and persuade them to visit your website? Then, you need to create excellent content. The article should not only be convincing but easy to search as well. It seems difficult, but it’s quite easy. One of the first things to remember is to give value to readers. Look at the following pointers:

  • The page must be concise. Refrain from writing a lengthy piece similar to a novel. The number of words must be below 10,000 characters for each page. In case the article is long, divide this into sub-sections. Each one should be a separate page.
  • You are not writing for search engines. The article is meant to engage and inform readers. Search Engine Optimization is essential to persons reading your content. Yet, focusing on search engine alone will cause you to lose these readers. Keywords, which are designed for SEO, should be limited to one keyword per paragraph.
  • Make use of bullets. Opt for short paragraphs. In other words, the content must be short. Readers prefer brief but educational articles.
  • Try to get reactions from readers. The Web is fully interactive. Your writing style must be reflective of this. Soliciting reactions and providing links will show that you know you write for the Web. Links will point readers to other parts of your website. Besides, the page looks full of life and up to date so your readers are pleased about it.
  • Include appropriate images to avoid boaring readers. Photographs are intended to spread out the text and not simply to adorn it.


These guidelines were made to be followed. Strive to comply with the rules and you can look forward to content that is beneficial to your website.



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