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Types of Entrepreneurship

22 Jul , 2014  

While looking for ways on how to be an Entrepreneur, you will also need to know the types of Entrepreneurship. This will help you decide on what kind of Entrepreneur best fist both your personality and core competencies.

Social Entrepreneurship – This is the type that’s most likely non-profit, for profit or hybrid. Social Entrepreneurs focus seriously on their products and services that can help social problems. Their main goal is to make the world a better place.

Small Business Entrepreneurship – In this type, Entrepreneurs run their own businesses, get hired as local employees that are barely profitable. These are the types of entrepreneurs that do not focus on making an industry or building a multi-million dollar business. These are people that earn enough profit for everyday living.

Large Company Entrepreneurship – opposite to small business entrepreneurship, this is the type that’s more difficult. It aims on building large companies, creating new products and selling to new customers out there. Their goal is to keep going and expand as time goes by.

Scalable Start-Up Entrepreneurship – This is the type of Entrepreneur that starts a company with their own vision to change the world. They start small and will attract investments from financial investors. Their aim is to look for repeatable and scalable business models and when they find they, they focus on the scales needed to fuel expansions over time.

Choosing the type of Entrepreneurship you are to enter will make you think through the process of becoming an Entrepreneur. Is this what you want? Will you be contented on the type of Entrepreneurship you will choose? Any decision is possible. Being aware of what you are getting yourself into is a good thing, you will learn the differences, and you can be more focused on what you are about to do.


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