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Types of Blog Articles for Effective Blog Content

25 Sep , 2014  

The article that you have on your blog is usually in the form of “pillar articles”. These are articles that give you high search engine rankings and make your content viewable because your web content basically teaches, defines, and enumerates important information.


How-to Articles


How-to articles always work regardless of the type of article you intend to create. This is because of two simple things: it creates urgency (it is always helpful to readers) and it teaches people something. You can write something like, “How to Cook French Toast.”


Definitions Articles


This is really effective if you are a person who has an in-depth knowledge about something that’s not mainstream. You can start by discovering something complex and then write a definition about it. It is a great format and a great opportunity to write valuable content. A great example is learning what ‘Affiliate Marketing’ is and then writing something about it.


Lists Articles


Never underestimate the ability of lists articles to go viral. Start with a headline, short intro paragraph, and then several bullets or numbers below each subject. You will eventually get links from other blogs and your content will circulate to other social media. Lists articles are pretty easy to write and goes straight to the point. List articles are fairly short and because we have very short attention spans, our minds unconsciously prefer short lists rather than lengthy narratives.


Opinion Articles


These are articles based from a person’s point of view. This is quite controversial and challenging to write, but drives a considerable amount of traffic. This is not about finding a dispute just to generate traffic, but being highly opinionated rather than just being a media pleaser. Just be prepared for harsh comments though.


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