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Toeing the Line: Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing

4 Jul , 2014  

The jargon of social media is everywhere. Billions of people use social networking sites worldwide. When social media marketing became phenomenal, businesses (small, medium and large corporations) jumped on the bandwagon right away. It was an easy and cost-effective method of reaching out to present and prospective customers.


Entrepreneurs found out that Facebook and LinkedIn were an excellent vehicle for communication. Many businesses now utilize social media as a host for restrained marketing campaigns. However, business entities should focus marketing efforts within the limits of host channels. The major benefit is the astonishing size of the audience like the 1.3 billion active Facebook users.


Content marketing is a fairly new terminology for a long-standing practice. It denotes the publishing part of marketing. In the past, it could have been a radio program, catalogue, flyer, or an industry publication. The rationale behind it was to update, educate or amuse your target audiance to a point where they act in an influenced manner. Furthermore, it allows your company to help with business or consumer requirements.


With the worldwide Web, contemporary content marketing covers many forms of content. Now, you can create and publish eBooks, blog posts, press releases, whitepapers, and videos. These are designed to build trust and influence. Yet, there is still enough room for conventional marketing techniques provided these adhere to a dependable strategy. Social media is a sweeping description for sites that provide completely diverse social actions. Social media can help in building links to support optimization thrusts. Many people also conduct searches in different social networking sites to look for social media content.






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