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Tips in Constructing a Business Letter

15 Oct , 2014  


Business letters are any form of message with the purpose of a formal transaction, such as negotiation, contract agreements and conferences. Another purpose of a business letter is to promote business, update details about the product or communicate to customers. Business letters are an important tool to express appreciation about available services in a formal manner. Here are tips on constructing a business letter.


Learning the Basic Business letters just like any other formal letter have an ideal format. Before writing one, be sure that you know something about proper indentation, spacing and headings. This is important to be understood and state your intentions in a formal but understandable manner. Generally business letters are printed on a letterhead and are reprinted with the company name and the sender’s address.


Beginning Part A business letter starts with the sender’s name and address at the middle top of the paper with the date the business letter is constructed. Make sure that you do not forget to write the date because this is usually documented once the business letter is received. This is followed by a greeting and appropriate salutation. Add salutation two lines after the date. Make sure that the greeting that you choose is appropriate and in accordance with the tone of your letter. Never commit mistakes in your salutation otherwise; your communication letter will sound inconsiderate and rude. When adding the salutation, it is critical to use the recipient’s formal name.


Body Skip two lines and add the body of your letter. You can have an introduction for the first paragraph, introducing a little background about the company or a background about the event taking place. Make it short probably one sentence will do. The next paragraph would be the main intent of your letter. Include details about the contact person and contact details. Discuss the agreement in the last part of your body.


Ending End your letter using a formal greeting. The greeting “Sincerely Yours” is out of date and is not used anymore. You may choose to use “Regards” as a greeting affixing your name and signature below. Four to six lines are skipped before your name.


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