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Tips for Successful Advertising

15 Oct , 2014  

Advertising plays a critical role in the success of your business. However, many companies fail to see the advantage that advertising can bring their business. Recogniz that it can make a huge impact on your business more than you can ever imagine. Here are few pieces of advice regarding advertising for you to consider.

Fundamentals of Advertising According to the laws of business at least 5% of the gross income of a business should be saved for advertising. This percentage will be put to waste if the business will not comprehend the essential laws of advertising.

Use a Single Message This makes the message consistent, simple and easy to understand. Your business message should ultimately reflect your mission in less than a few seconds.

Emphasize Credibility Many advertising efforts reflect unrealistic messages and claims. Never attempt to do this because 80% of costumers do not fall for unrealistic claims therefore you need to be honest and should sound credible. A survey suggests that credibility is the second most sought after trait by customers next to the effectiveness of the product or service. Your ad should reflect integrity, credibility and honest services.

Test Your Ad Have you ever wondered why most services you seek asks you where you heard about them? That is because they want to know if the advertising campaign that they use is effective. Many businesses fail to do this that is why the 5% they have set for advertising is wasted. Make sure you survey a proper medium of advertising that you will employ to suit your services and your budget.

Broadcast your Contact Information Be available everywhere. Make sure that you post all the contact information about your services in every advertising medium, including your e-mail, mobile, landline and postal address. This facilitates easy communication with the customers.



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