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Three tips for Social Media Campaigns

3 Jun , 2014  

Tired of trying to reach people on social media and coming up empty? In this article we will discuss what social media platforms are best suited for your type of business.

Are you a photographer, videographer, or a writer? Then chances are you have dabbled in social media marketing before. Whether you were successful or not, chances are you missed one or more of the key elements that drives a successful social media campaign:

1. Knowing your target audience, your target demographic.

2. Utilize the right social media platform to communicate your business.

3. Have a clear idea of what you want to achieve.

When we think about users, we want to think what our target demographic is before we select a social media platform. What is their level of education, what is their income bracket, do they surf on a smart phone versus a computer? Etc. Facebook is always a viable choice since it is one of the biggest social media outlets out with more than 100 million users. Using their algorithm based advertising tools you could target a demographic, but for niche categories for photographers, graphic designers and writers there are other social media platforms like behance, abzueedo and stumbleUpon, all of which contain less users in comparison to Facebook but capture the right demographic entirely.

One of the harder aspects in achieving a social media presence is actually determining which social media outlets are best suited for your type of business. Some social media outlets are better at SEO traffic, some are better at brand exposure, and then some are better at engaging the customer from direct outlets. Some are better at certain things than others. For example, while twitter can communicate in various media types, it is limited to 140 characters. YouTube is perfect for video but not much else.

There are many reasons why business owners want to use social media outlets to generate new customers, one being that social media outlets at their core are treasure troves mew potential customers, but going in without a plan can be overwhelming. Consider whether you want to expose potential customers to your brand, engage customers on a more personal level, or simply generate new traffic to your website. Being the business owner you alone know what you want to goal of the social media campaign is so dig deep and figure it out. Ask yourself what would your business benefit from right now and dive in!

So now you know what social media outlet you are going to use. You know what you are trying to achieve and most importantly, you know your target demographic. Now what? Well, it is time to start coming up with the content for your social media campaign. Each social media outlet has certain skill requirements, this is one of the more important aspects of social media since content is king. For example to actively engage an audience with an interest in photography, you could use instagram and your content would be the skill requirement. The better your skills at taking pictures, the better your content that in turn drives exposure to your social media account. For others you need have multiple types of specific skills like video editing and post-production for youTube, or trend spotting and graphic design for Pinterest. Twitter on the other hand requires fewer skills, copywriting in 140 characters or less being one of them.

Taking into account these three key elements will put you in a better position to achieve your social media campaign goals and remember that having a plan to execute is going to result in better outcomes and a successful campaign.


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