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Things You Need to Know before Opening up a Restaurant

2 Oct , 2014  

Thinking about opening a restaurant? Food-related business is one of the hottest ventures in the market today primarily because food is a basic need. However, a restaurant business will never be successful without proper management. These are the things to know about efficient restaurant management.

ALWAYS Respect the Customer This is the Golden Rule and will forever be the Golden Rule in the world of business. Customers are always right. Irate customers have specific needs and they vent it out in many different ways. Always brief your staff about this and make sure they know how to properly react in these situations. Make clear to your staff that customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of your business.

Proper Advertising Restaurants need effective advertising, whether in social media or television, always include testimonials in your advertisement. “Word of the mouth” spreads fairly quickly rather than unverified claims. Advertising is essential because it increases the exposure of your restaurant.

Cash Flow The restaurant manager (hopefully you) should know the concept of cash flow monitoring. The amount of cash going in should be more than the cash going out of your business. If you don’t know this concept, you will need to learn this before opening up your business because this will be the fulcrum of your success.

Catering Services Expanding your services and including catering can boost your business further while simultaneously increasing exposure. Catering service is a good financial boost. With the right equipment and staff, your catering service can be very profitable.

Regular Reporting and Reviews This is a good strategy in management in which the manager conducts a daily or weekly review of customer counts, complaints, and payroll cost. This will enable you to monitor shifts in positive patterns and trends and predict future sales. Discuss with your team regarding “what went wrong” in the customer service to improve service delivery.

Updated Menu Your menu should be up to date. Customers detect lack of enthusiasm reflected in your menu and may affect customer satisfaction. Always make an update, you as the owner should supervise this. Make sure you incorporate different seasonal taste and include as many variations as possible.



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