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The Value of Having a Company Blog

11 Jan , 2013  

The Value of Having a Company Blog

Now that the internet is in the age of social networking, having a blog for a company can help in many ways.

Social Networking

Social networking includes methods of communication such as Twitter, Facebook, and blogging and every business especially those that want to have a reputation for great customer service—should have a presence in all three.


Blogging is a great way of communicating with clients or customers although it seems to be the one that companies shy away from only because it seems the hardest to set up. With Facebook and Twitter a company only needs to sign up – there is much more to do when setting up a blog. But, there are some places to set up a blog that are not only free but gives the company help and tools for design. Appoint someone as blog manager and send them over to where the blog manager will be able to set up a very professional blog with all the free tools needed.

Blog Content

As for content for the company blog, there are two ways to fill a blog with articles or posts. The blog manager can write content concerning various areas or information about the company, or a writing firm can be hired that usually offers a package of blog posts that are written to specifications given and by using SEO guidelines. This would be paid for out of advertising and marketing budget as any social networking is part of those budget items.

Quick Way to Communicate with Customers

The blog manager will need to keep up with comments that are posted on the blog because often this is the first place a customer who is not happy or has a problem with the company will voice their displeasure. These are the comments that need to be taken care of as quickly as possible because unhappy customers can spread that discontentment quickly through social media. But blogging and social media also is the quickest way to take care of any problems or discontentment. That is what makes social media so valuable to a company – the ability to connect with customers quickly.

Article Topics

The blog articles that are posted can cover so many topics, from why your company has raised the rate on a product to openings that are currently available with your firm. Many of these articles help to boost customer loyalty as customers will develop a clearer picture of the company’s vision and mission. The more a company connects with customers using social media the larger the growth of customer loyalty will become.

Get to Know the Staff

The blog manager can also request articles from members of the executive staff as well as the heads of different departments as a way for customers to get to know the company better. This is a great way for a CEO or President of the company to get his or her views about their industry to the customer base. The more your customer base knows about the company and its people, the more likely they are to remain loyal customers.


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