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The Right Format: Article Writing

6 Oct , 2014  


Article writing is slowly becoming a major trend. In fact, most people see article writing as an alternative source of income. Many freelance writers are now specializing in article writing primarily because it’s easy and you can basically work anywhere as long as you have an Internet-connected laptop. But the question is: do you know how to write articles properly? Do you know what and where to put in an article regardless of the given topic? Do you know the right way to write from beginning to end? If your answer to these questions is no, then you are not a good article writer…yet

Writing experts have laid down several things a writer must remember in writing an article regardless of the given subject. Below are the steps which, according to experts, a writer must keep in mind all the time:

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Use images if needed
  3. Highlight important words
  4. Use subheadings
  5. Avoid useless content
  6. Use bullets or numbers

To begin with, you’re not working on a 300-page novel. Usually, you are going to write a 1-page article with a word count amounting to about 500 to 550 words. The most important thing that a writer must remember when writing an article is to keep the article simple. Avoid being wordy and stick to the point. Write only the related information. Highlight the important words so that it will stick in the readers’ mind that the word being highlighted is important. Another way to prevent being wordy is by using images. Sometimes, images speak more than the words themselves. Learn to break down the article by using subheadings. This way, the article will have more concise content. You may also use bullets or numbers if the need calls for it. This way, you will avoid being wordy and never put too much information. Wordiness could make the article complete nonsense.


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