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The Most Common Types of Article

7 Aug , 2014  

There are way too many articles you can read or write online, in magazines, the newspapers or anywhere else. However, what a few don’t notice is that, these articles are quite unique in both their form and function. Consider these examples:

“How to”: This is the most famous type because people look at it as some kind of an instruction they want to learn. This is the article that explains to the reader how to do such things from business related to your gardening instructions. The structure of this article is sometimes in the form of numberings and bullets that supports a sequence.

“List”: This is the article that has the same structure of numbers or bullets but this time it’s not just about instructions, it’s about a list of things like: “7 Most Popular Sites Online” or “Top 10 Music of the Week”.

“Round up”: An article that’s sometimes made form an interview. It’s filled with statements, comments, and opinions of other people that are written inside a double apostrophe.

“Inspirational”: exactly from the word itself. Most of the time, it’s religiously, community and psychologically related. Narrative essays about the concerns happening on Earth or essays that talks about how to deal with someone’s self-esteem or similar.

“As told to”: Stories by a person written by another person. When the one who has the personal experience isn’t a professional writer for a magazine or a newspaper, professional writers take the part of doing so and still credit their work from the original person. These writers write in a way that it will sound like it’s their own experience to make readers feel, it’s the original person who’s telling the tale. Sometimes, this type of article is written for people who hide their identity. Titles for these articles are similar to “The Flood Experience – by Jane F. as told to Mary T.”.



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