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The Important Do’s And Don’ts For Your Graduation Speech

14 Jul , 2014  

Graduation season comes along every year and if you are lucky enough to be chosen to make a speech for your high school graduation, take this chance and be prepared to make a speech that will be memorable for your high school class.

When writing for a graduation speech, you should keep in mind the most important contents there could be. Here are some notable do’s and don’ts on the essentials in speech writing:


Don’t go for a very long and boring one or even use phrases that have been used for ages.

Don’t be too self-centered.

Jokes that are not offensive will make the speech more listened to by the audience, being hilarious helps but don’t sound like a bully or worse, hurting other’s feelings with your speech. Remember that it’s an important day for everyone, it’s their graduation too.

Also, be careful on saying anything that you might regret in thirty years’ time.


Start with a list of the good old memories (like the prom or the first day of class) and the people you want to thank. Show your gratitude to a noteworthy teacher, the principal, your parents, or your friends that helped you become the person you are. Reminiscing good old memories of your high school days can make your audience cry or laugh. Having your audience relate to your stories is a good sign that they are listening to you.

The contents of your speech must be specific and worth saying. You don’t have to be the only one thanking people that are important to you. Engage your fellow classmates to do the same thing, give them time to thank the people beside or behind them.

Learn from mistakes in the past and make a quote for it that doesn’t sound so cliché. This could be a lasting and important message you could ever leave for the people you were with during high school.


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