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The Dos of Becoming a Great Article Writer

7 Sep , 2014  

Article writing has many forms whether it’s news, feature, news-feature (opinionated article), video story, or photo story. Each of these articles is geared toward meeting individual client’s needs. Writing a read-worthy article is not impossible for anyone to learn. These basic tips will show you how to write a great article that’s worthy to be published and read.

1. Know your audience. It’s equally important to get to know your audience so that you can understand their concerns and identify their needs. A great article writer identifies urgency. This means that he or she knows the needs and characteristics of his or her audience and writes an article that will answer their questions and satisfy their needs. Does your audience belong to a much younger or older generation? Knowing this is essential because this will give you an idea on how to talk to them in the most appropriate tone without defeating the purpose of satisfying their needs.

2. Identify the need/s of the audience. An interesting topic would be useless if the audience’s needs are not addressed in your article. Find out what most of your audience want to find out. It must be something they desire to have more knowledge on or something that will guide or assist them in a certain way. Searching the web for trending topics will help assist writers in finding interesting and audience-friendly topics.

3. Be unique. Finding interesting topics around the web usually entails a lot of stiff competition. If you write an article about a trending topic, there would usually be dozens of writers who would be writing about such topic as well. Try to be different without defeating your purpose. Deliver helpful information that others don’t usually have. Be unique in your tone and know when to be formal and when to inject humor. Bring fresh and well-researched ideas.

4. Make the audience relate to your topic. Even if the reader doesn’t seem to be interested in your topic, adopt a style that would make them find the relevance of your subject to their individual lives. You cannot spark enthusiasm if you don’t write your topic enthusiastically.

5. Learn the Fundamentals. Writing an article is not just punching in a few lines here and there. Any form of article, may it be news or feature, applies standard formatting and this is what you need to understand and learn firsthand. If you’re writing a news article for example, you need to understand the basic principles of writing a news article. Most writers prefer using the American Psychological Association (APA) format of writing. Whatever topic you want to write about, make sure it follows a standard formatting.

6. Finding reliable resources. This is one of the most important things to remember. A great article writer needs to find a reliable source where he or she could get bits and pieces of information from. For writing a news article, make sure you present both sides of the story, without being biased and judgmental. Try to be objective. If you find a certain source where information seems to be uncertain, present the uncertainty of that information and most importantly, note the its source.

7. Proofreading and Editing. After you finish writing, make sure you edit your work and proofread them several times. Editing and proofreading usually come together. While you proofread, observe the flow of your words. Are the words coherent and understandable? Check your grammar and spelling. This must be two of a writer’s most basic skill, but most writers don’t possess them.

8. Get ready for the feedback. Many people normally like to comment about the articles they read. Don’t take this personally. Take constructive criticisms as an opportunity of learning and utilize them to improve your work.


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