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The Discipline Needed for Article Writing

14 Jul , 2014  

Reading and writing are very much related to one another. When you read, there will always be a time that you will encounter some difficult words or words that you seldom see. To know its definition, you will need to exert effort to find its meaning in dictionaries or just search it on the Internet. When you read, your mind can also practice your understanding of sentence constructions and grammar. Some people even say that if the sentence doesn’t sound right, it must be grammatically wrong. It is also important to use proper synonyms and antonyms of words depending on what you want to express. There are times that some words are not appropriate to the main idea of the sentence that is why synonyms are useful. The more you read books, the more you can practice your writing skills.

In writing articles, you should match your writing style with your chosen topic. If it is about traveling or special occasions, it should have a more positive or happy tone for the benefit of your readers. The same goes with having a negative topic to write about, the tone of your article should complement the topic. With this, you can be creative in your writing skills. You can easily set the mood and write the article properly. If you encounter some problems relating to your topic, it is advisable to research for more references to give you additional ideas.

When you get new ideas from your references though, you should never just copy everything. You just need the idea in order to complete your topic. To avoid plagiarism, you can rephrase or only get the thought of the sentences. Explaining your thoughts in your own words can also improve your article and can make it more of an original composition.

Lastly, remember that practice makes perfect. As long as you write, you can improve yourself. It might take many errors along the way, but if you give your best in your writing, you can write better articles in the future.


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