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The Buyer and the Seller: Business Relationships

3 Sep , 2014  

Aside from business relationships among the sellers themselves, there are also the types of relationship between the seller and their customers. Not everything can be described in a single relationship type though, but knowing these types can help you move your customer relationships to what you want it to be for business purposes. Below are the simplest relations there are.

Technical Relationships: Considering there are 2 different sellers competing for the same product. Now, the other seller offers the possible customer a better offer compared to yours. There’s no other personal accord between two parties though, just a businessperson trying to offer a better product than the other. There could be a competition between sellers when it comes to pricing.

Social Relationships: This here is where the buyer and the seller share common interests and develop a certain friendship. But then, business remains business, those friendly talks can later on turn into a business talk.

Ad-hoc Relationships: Sometimes considered as a temporary relationship between two parties because they only socialize due to urgent issues where a seller has to keep up with a service request.

Partner Relationships: This one here is the deeper relationship where there’s trust between the buyer and the seller. Though it’s a good kind of relationship, it’s not that easy to build, it would take time until the buyer would finally trust the seller where he/she can connect and buy from the seller without unnecessary price bidding.

The bigger picture here is that, you have to create a certain relationship with your customers in order to convince them of the effectiveness of your services. But then, you need to open up a conversation that can lead to business talks, that’s where these relationships enter. Still, it all depends on how you handle your customers for your business opportunities.


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