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The Basic Delivering Methods

18 Aug , 2014  

Public speaking has its common delivering methods which we probably have heard of. These methods differ in the way they’re being delivered. What are these methods? How are they different from each other?

Impromptu – If you’re fresh in the public speaking world, this could be quite hard for you unless you’ve had numerous experiences with it yourself. This method is where you have no script or flash cards with you, just yourself answering or speaking in the spur of the moment. In impromptu speaking, you have to know your main point and purpose to maintain that smooth speaking moment. Also, avoid talking to fast especially when you’re nervous.

Memorization – With the word itself, you are delivering a speech from a context word-by-word. This is actually common for starters but somehow, it’s too much pressure, especially when you tend to forget that important word and then suddenly – you stop and forget what you have to say. Memorization also works but only for those of you who actually have fine speaking skills and are used to it. But if you’re required for a memorized speech, practice hard, you will really need it.

Extemporaneous – This here is the opposite of memorization. You familiarize yourself with the context by reading it over and over again. And when speaking time comes, you are to deliver it by verbally sharing the details with your own words. Extemporaneous works well because you’ll be able to speak without too much pressure on what the context fully has to say, just the mere familiarization of yours and enough practice.

Reading – Is one of the easiest delivering method because you’re not speaking unrehearsed, you are speaking on what you (or a writer) has written. But of course, you don’t just go speaking with your eyes fixed on a paper below, maintain eye contact too.



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