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The Art of Developing Poise in Public Speaking

21 Jun , 2014  


How do you build composure as a public speaker?


It is important to learn the ropes. There are some tips that you can take into serious consideration.


The first thing to be aware of is to be knowledgeable about the subject matter. Choose a subject that you know very well. Utilize personal anecdotes, wit and informal expression so you will not forget what to articulate.


Practice makes perfect. Make sure to prepare out loud and then make the necessary changes in grammar, style, spelling and punctuation. Use the clock to practice so you know how the entire speech will proceed. Get acquainted with the audience. Try to arrive earlier and meet with the people present. This will also give you time to size up the room and stage. Check out the visuals, sound system and podium.


Start your talk by addressing the assembly. Look at everyone straight in the eyes. This will help you loosen up. Take a breather, smile and count up to three before you speak. Transform your nervousness into eagerness. This is one way of getting settled down. Imagine yourself talking. Think about the audience applauding. This will certainly increase your confidence. Audiences will surely want speakers to be motivating, edifying and entertaining. Focus on your message and not the medium. Turn your concentration away from anxieties so nervousness will not be an issue.


Do not speak too fast. One of the common blunders of public speakers is to talk at a speed that listeners find difficult to follow. Breaks and tempo of delivery are essential to make the most of impact. Avoid reading from a script. Draft notes and bullet points and be poised to articulate from your memory. At the same time, study the pitch of your voice. Do not permit your tone to become dull. Relax your mind. It will not cause any harm to take advantage of your mind-body connection for additional courage.





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