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Techniques in Writing Exciting Feature Articles

20 Jun , 2014  

Feature articles can be a clever addition to your marketing and promotions campaign. How do you write feature articles that will complement your marketing efforts? Take a look at the following suggestions.


Determine your readership! Find a current topic that can inspire a particular type of audience. Consider your readers as real people looking for specific information. Read current events, news items, other unique articles, and fresh blog content so you will have more subject matter to write about. You can be a better writer if you are a wide reader.


In writing, cite other people correctly. Be careful not to take the words of others out of perspective. While it may really create thrill, this may not be true and hurt others. Of course, this is not a fair thing to do. Strive to obtain different perspectives. Present these points of view in a balanced manner. A biased article is not useful in the long term. It can generate conflict because you present contrasting opinions without a balance. However, you can still share your own views in an objective style.


Use relevant images to make the article interesting. However, respect copyright laws about publishing photographs online. Stick to the prescribed word count imposed by article directories. Monitor the number of words in your article. Always keep in mind a general audience. However, there is nothing wrong with promoting your content to friends and relatives. Share your content. The more it gets published, the better you will become known. Build your credibility as a feature writer by collecting links to content you have written and published on the worldwide Web for your portfolio.




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