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Techniques in Giving Oral Presentations

15 Jun , 2014  


You need not be a distinguished orator to be able to give a fiery and inspiring speech. There is always the chance to deliver a remarkable talk. It is not true that prominent public speakers deliver extemporaneous lectures. Talented speakers spend considerable time and effort in organizing their remarks. Remember that an excellent presentation must be arranged according to sections. Ideally, you should have three foremost points. This is the information that you have to tell the audience.


Practice several times before the actual delivery. This will help with timing and style in discussing your topic. Create mental notes so you do not stammer while speaking. Rehearse before several friends to develop your confidence. Do not read the script. Talk as if you are conversing with people. Act natural so you can present your thoughts logically. Avoid speaking too fast. Go slowly so your audience can digest everything you say.


In case you run out of time, leave out the least important portions and summarize the remaining pointers. Elaborate later during the open forum. Utilize visual aids or write down on the white board (if possible) to help people grasp your ideas. Do not give too many figures that will leave the crowd bewildered. This will overcome even the most focused audience. Just be yourself while talking.


Add a bit of wit to prevent the audience from falling asleep. Do not forget to maintain eye contact, use hand gestures and take a few steps from the platform. Remember that people will not listen to speakers who are fidgety and unprepared. See to it that you communicate the information clearly and understandably.




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