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Successful Recruiting Day at Drake University Career Fair – February 14, 2013

16 Feb , 2013  

DU Career Fair 2013

Stand Display and Booth at Drake University Career Fair

It was a pleasure to take QCS on the road to the 2013 Drake University Career Fair held February 14, 2013.  This first major public step outward apart from the internet thrust of the business was exciting and very positive.  I must say it was a bit intimadating to be placed between two giant companies of Pepsi and EMC Insurance, but I was very pleased at the number of interested students stopping by to find out more about QCS.

As a business owner, I too many times get caught up in the day-to-day operational issues and lose track of the bigger picture of where we have been and where we are going.  Sharing with bright and inquiry minds definitely blows away all those cobwebs and near-sightedness.  It was motivating to hear great questions asked and to reach inside to provide depth, personality, and vision to a small company on the verge of moving into much larger territories.

QCS is definitely striding forward and we will move forward now with the addition of some highly motivated young professionals.  Talent and desire stir and push the talents and desires of us all.


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