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Steps in Writing News Articles

22 Sep , 2014  

A news article is different from writing a blog post or a business article because news articles have a unique way of presenting information. Usually, the word count for news articles is only limited to 250 to 300 words so it is critical to be able to present important facts in a simple, direct and timely manner.


Gather Facts Draft an outline that conveys all the important information that should be included in your news article. This will ensure that you have all the necessary components in your news report. It is also important to identify credible sources. Make sure that they are reliable and unbiased. Document all your sources because you might need them later on.


Start with a Lead You have probably heard about this a million times and not just for news articles. A good lead should incite interest and explain what the news article is all about. It should be short, only one sentence, but should contain the basic facts.


Include Important Information A great guide is to answer the WH questions. What is the news all about? When did it happen? Where did it happen? Who is involved? How did it happen? Why is this relevant? Make sure you answer all these questions. This is the highlight of your news so be certain that all the information is correct. Always verify the exact spelling of every proper noun that you use as well.


Add Quotes You can add quotes for additional information. Make sure that the quotes are accurately stated in verbatim because that is the purpose of placing these sentences in quotation marks. Ascertain that the quotes that you include in your article should not consume over 30% of the article and do not include lengthy quotes.


Remain Unbiased A good news article presents both sides of the story. Always remain unbiased and objective. Present fact as it is. A “bad” or “good” impression should be guided by the phrase “according to” to emphasize that the opinion is not coming from the writer.


Conclusion Make sure that you conclude your article. It should include a restatement from your lead. Also talk about future developments that may happen relating to the article.



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