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Staying Motivated and Energized

14 Jan , 2013  

“It’s been a long day,” you say to yourself. “I can finish that assignment later.”

Next thing you know, you have thirty minutes to turn in your project. You wonder where has all the time gone.

It’s best to stay on top of your projects, especially when it comes to making money. But it takes a lot of energy to keep up. So how do you stay motivated and charged?

1. Exercise

Moving around increases your heart rate, meaning oxygen gets to your brain. Fresh air helps wake your mind and body. Plus, you can use all the time you wish you weren’t exercising on the ideas you can use on your assignments.

2. Read

Read a book, read your favorite blog, or read the local newspaper. Sometimes you need to see what other people are writing about in order to give you fresh, new ideas. It will help kick-start your content generation engine, aka your brain.

3. Just Write

You’re probably thinking, “If I was motivated, I would write.” But sometimes just putting pen to paper or hands to keyboard will allow you to get your creative juices flowing, thus increasing your motivation levels. Sometimes you just HAVE to do it.

 4. Ask for Help

Tell your friends and family you need help. Sometimes hearing them cheer you on will motivate you. Remember, you’re doing it for them as much as for you.

5. Donate Time and Money

Say you miss a big deadline and you’re really bummed out. Sure you’ve lost a chance at money, but you need to punish yourself further so you don’t make it a habit. Make an agreement with yourself that for every assignment you miss you will donate time or money to a local charity. Every time you miss a deadline, you’re losing time you could be using to make up the loss or losing additional money to what you could have received from the assignment.

Note: I know a few of you will say using charity/volunteerism as a punishment is wrong. However, I believe it’s better to donate time and money in some fashion while teaching yourself a lesson in the process. This way you can feel good about the additional money/time you’re losing, and it will motivate you to move and do something (thus creating a habit of doing something which was the problem in the first place).

6. Listen to Music

Play a song with an up-beat tempo. Turn it up real loud and rock out to it. Sometimes listening to an energetic song gets you going allowing for motivation to blossom.

7. Make It a Game

Come up with the rules. For example, every word you write, you get a raisin. For every sentence you write, you get half a banana. You can use your hunger to your advantage. Plus, you’re eating healthy which keeps your mind active.

If you follow these seven simple steps, you’ll be amazed at how motivated you’ll feel afterward. Share these tips with others, get them motivated. That’s number 8: motivating others helps motivate you.


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