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Starter Rules for Web Content Writing

16 Jul , 2014  

Web content writing has become one of the most used types of marketing online. When writing for Web content, there are certain rules to follow in order to successfully commercialize online.

  • NEVER plagiarize. Plagiarism is a serious and legal mistake that most people out there make. Copy-paste or so they call it, is easy but when writing it on the Web (where a lot of people can see it), your work is at risk when it is just simply plagiarized. Be original, avoid the dreaded Google Panda slap by not copying and pasting every word you see on the Internet.
  • Consider your audiences as neutral, write in a not-so-verbose and not-so-dumb manner where everyone can understand, because not all readers will understand big words and not all readers will comply with grammatical errors.
  • Begin writing from the most important details to the analysis. Start with the answers and then follow it with explanations needed to support the article.
  • Brevity. Be brief and as much as possible keep it focused, the audience prefers short articles that contain the important factors over long articles with a lot of fluff/waffle. Also, pictures speak a thousand words, so if needed, use pictures to summarize your words.
  • Providing comment forms at the end of each article helps as it can gather feedback from your readers to see how they appreciate your content writing.
  • Lastly, enjoy what you do. If you think you broke a rule, see to it that it’s fixed, always be reminded to keep your work simple and original at the same time.

Most people check resources and answers online today. Let’s face it, the Internet is no longer a luxury, it is now a necessity. Students refer to online browsing as a form of resource in almost all homework.



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