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Start a Home Decorating Business

18 Aug , 2014  

Here goes another business opportunity – a home decorating business. A great push to pursue this is when you have the passion of transforming homes with your own creative ways. You don’t necessarily have to be licensed ASAP, as a beginner, start by decorating your own home first or a relative’s to ensure that you have the creative skills to eventually be a home decorator. When you think you have enough practice, start working on your portfolio and license requirements.

Create your business plan in advance. Do you want to be a home designer who sells the products? Or do you simply want to be a home design consultant? Learn more about designs and consider researching other nearby home decorating business to see what their specialties are. When you do, start brainstorming about what you can offer clients that is different from your competition and, if you want, start with a lower price to entice clients. At the end of your business plan, calculate the capital you will need

When you’re ready, apply for your business license, wait for the approval and then start creating your portfolio with your unique designs

With a business plan and a license on-hand, you certainly will need to gather your equipment. Research for your potential suppliers that can offer you good quality fabrics, furniture, wall designs etc. Contact reliable painters and carpenters who are willing to work with you for reasonable rates or that offer considerable discounts at the same time

Start marketing yourself. Look for potential customers with whom you can work comfortably. Some networks can offer you business referrals such as real estate agents and architects or publish your business through newspapers or even the internet along with your portfolio details. The moment you receive a future client’s call, go for it and do your best!



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