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Spot the Difference: Marketing and Sales

21 Aug , 2014  

How do you differentiate marketing from sales? Here’s an easy thought, Marketing is the opening while your sales is you closing. Both are way too important for business and both should work as one because when only one of the two is working, there’s going to be a problem.

Marketing is when you open or you build up those strategies and techniques to meet your sales. This is where brainstorming enters, what do you need to do when selling your products? How are you going to advertise to the public? How will you persuade people to consider your services? That’s where your unique ideas should come in to help. There are many ways to market your business, there’s social media, television advertisements or your personal way to communicate with possible customers. Your approach must fit in to your kind of business. Start with the one you’re more comfortable with and later on, you can take more steps to improve your marketing tactics.

Sales – the closing. This is when you are already interacting with the customers or they are already purchasing your products. This is going to be the result of your hard work and efforts with your marketing. For some, it’s when people are already acknowledging their products and for the others, it’s when they are already closing a deal which can result in financial profits. Still, your sales efforts must continue.

When your marketing and sales department aren’t really in contact with each other, the process might become too slow or not move at all. Both departments must work together and build strategies to obtain positive results. Teamwork between these two, despite the differences is a must.

When complications remain, think about BALANCE. Balancing the differences – that way, you are to meet success soon enough. Good luck and be unique, you’re up ahead!



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