Speech Writing

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Speech writing is not like writing an article to promote a business or new concept. Great speech writing is an art.

The speechwriters at QCS have honed this to a fine point. We realize the importance of working with the client to create an outline and build our dialogue from there. The ceremony will normally dictate the initial direction but that is just the beginning. We take the time to look at the ideas and presentations from different angles and themes to motivate the crowd.

With our experience and Steve Brown, our CEO, having a great deal of speaking practice himself this is a special interest for QCS.

There is nothing worse than standing before a group of people anticipating an exciting presentation and instead getting a speech that is flat in tone and lacks any inspiration. This scenario is worse for the speaker than the audience, you know it isn’t working, and suddenly you feel like you’re standing there naked.

We can prevent such disasters – by working together, we can develop a catchy title and a hook that is relative to the age, gender and the formality of the audience. Add to that a few stimulating quotations and make the last comments something that will raise eyebrows.

Just call us for consultation, speak with Steve Brown and you will be assured you have chosen the best writers for the job. We deliver quality work on time and for a very reasonable price listed on this site under online store.