Social Media Posting

Fully Customized Content Feeds For Twitter and Other Social Media Accounts

How it Works

QCS provides a service to help your social media efforts and content marketing on social networks. In addition to providing fresh English content for your blog, website, and other written projects as part of our regular service and special packages, we also offer a social media feed service for our clients with social media accounts.

Take Twitter ( for example. QCS provides a Twitter service that includes designing a stand alone or add on content feed that is custom designed for your business or personal account. This service includes three aspects: designing a custom feed, selecting the content for your feed (also called content curation), and posting the content (Tweets) directly to your account.

Our Tweets (posts) are carefully selected content that appeals directly to the individuals, customers, or prospects that your endeavor or business is trying to attract. (Following our FREE consultation with you or your marketing department).

QCS will also generate content links, back links, and promotional messages and content for your existing personal profile, business profile, corporate profile, or major brand or celebrity profile, as part of our social media service on Twitter.

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Custom Feeds

Your QCS generated custom feed is based on the content and content marketing that will appeal to your existing customers (followers), generate leads, or encourage interactions from targeted individuals and influencers in your marketing niche. (And we do all of this for very reasonable rates).

In general, your new feed will include interesting topics, news, and announcements that appeal to the kind of people that you are trying to attract. These postings are frequently fresh content drawn from a number of resources, or at the very least highly relevant and interesting content to those users. It includes both trending and targeted content.

Our custom mix includes at least several domains (themes) of content that will appeal to targeted users. We also use #hash tags in our postings as part of your feed. We can adjust how much we do this, but keep in mind they are like keywords and will help draw users interested in that tag to that content and then to you. Our custom feed is always written with the best headlines available.

Our custom mix also includes some self promotional aspects, meaning posts that emphasize your business, what you do, product announcements, or special events related to your brand, services, or activities and these are always copy written just for you as part of our service. (Note that with the exception of celebrity or major branding accounts we often ascribe to a 4 1 1 philosophy in that regard–that is, for every 4 tweets, we may include a promo tweet followed by a direct sales tweet). Keep in mind that normal Twitter etiquette involves less direct marketing posts than general sharing of content. So, if you are ready to place an order–

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Optional Aspects Included if You So Choose

(messages, followers, and self promotion)

Message Screening and Forwarding

Of course, you can handle the customer service, follow up, and concerns of those users that might send direct messages to your profile or go to your website, eCommerce site, or other places on the web that you have provided links for us to include in the postings. Optionally, we will screen these direct messages you get through the profile as part of our service and forward any promising leads to the person of your choice or directly to you. You will always have access to your account to check these messages, to add your own postings, or make your own posts that you would like to do.

Follower Strategy

With most plans, we can help with a follower strategy in your social networking profile. Some persons or businesses would rather handle this all themselves and some like for us to handle it. You will need to let us know what you would like to do. If you are a business or personal account trying to build more customers, encourage more interactions, or to generate a community of followers who will eventually become a lead or generate leads, the strategy around followers is different than if you are major brand or a media celebrity. Major brands and celebrities often have no problem attracting followers, and in those accounts it requires a different style of interacting, content is more direct, and must be managed more closely. We can help on those accounts also.

We do nothing black hat in our follower strategy whatsoever. Any followers you get are real followers. We believe that it is only real followers after all that will ever really become your customers, your readers, or your friends, and interact with you. It is our opinion, that artificially driving up follower numbers is a strategy that can tarnish your online reputation in the long run and damage your credibility. Sophisticated users are selective about who they follow, and they are smart enough to use tools to find out not only how long your profile has been there versus how many followers you have or are getting, and in some cases, will make a bad judgment about you, your brand, or your service if they feel like they have been duped. (Those fake profiles that some black hat companies use to provide fake followers can be pretty obvious to discerning users when they look at your follower list).

Most established users in social media do not follow back everyone that follows them, although that strategy can shift over time. We also target some influential persons, businesses, or accounts that are high influences in your niche specifically, and use a follow first strategy, in the hopes they will follow back. There are good business reasons for this that include among other things, that their followers will see you on that follower list and want to follow you too. We are very aware of these factors in our implementation of a follower strategy on your account, should you decide to utilize that aspect of our work.

More About Promotional Messages on Twitter

Most sophisticated marketers realize that self promotional elements must be downplayed in social media with a greater emphasis on branding, customer retention, or providing what is seen as useful or interesting content. We ascribe to that strategy.

On some networks it is wise not to direct market or engage in too much self promotion while you are trying to attract new followers.
Bear in mind, social media networks vary in their influence and methods of reaching that particular community. Although we have talked about Twitter here, we can also help you with content and postings on Facebook, Google Plus, or Pinterest.

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Also, if you do not yet have a Twitter account or Facebook account, and you would like us to build one or establish one for you or your business, you should also email us an inquiry. As we are happy to do that service as well!