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Small Business Marketing Problems

6 Sep , 2014  


Business is not easy, especially for the marketing department, it’s just plain stressful at times; especially when you are constantly bombarded with certain problems like:

Competition: Considering you had the great idea but, as it turns out, the other brand has the same idea, so you try to make your idea different but again, the trick has been used so the cycle goes on and on. It’s tough competition out there, not just for ideas but also for sources, customers and much more.

Did not bother to actually make a business plan: Okay, so the idea is fresh and easy to remember, still, a business plan plays a big role for us to know where to start, what we need and what to do next. Never be too excited to start up a business without any plans made, it’s like going through a war without any weapons.

Advertising results didn’t result as expected: To us, we created something great but out in the market, it’s not that good. What we like can differ from what our target market likes. Consider what the customer needs rather than your own needs.

There is no such thing as overnight success: Today we started, tomorrow we work, the following – we don’t receive any results for quite some time. Don’t be too bothered with that, be patient and wait for the results until you have settled it as a success or a failure. If your marketing plans failed the first time, who says they won’t be a success the next time?

Easily give up: All of the above are inevitable, if you give up – you throw away what could have been you’re success. Good thing is that, you know what problem you are facing and you have the confidence to deal with it sooner or later. Knowing can result in answers so never be too eager to give up, it’s all natural.



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