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Skills that Budding Speech Writers should Develop

22 Oct , 2014  

Learning to become a talented speechwriter is not all about formal education. While a degree in English, Journalism or Communications can help, you still need to develop your flair for words and organization. Speechwriting calls for experience.


Speechwriters do not only write for politicians. Top executives of companies, educators, philanthropists, artists, and members of the clergy also give a lot of talks. Thus, these personalities require the services of seasoned writers.


A writer of speeches should make it a point to refer to reputable sources. The task calls for extensive research. The writer should understand how media works and argue well for all facets of a particular issue or subject matter. In fact, speechwriters are often asked to endorse ideas or opinions that you may not concur with personally. Henceforth, you need to disregard personal beliefs to develop the speech that you are required to write.


Versatility is equally important. Writers cater to an assortment of audiences. You need to customize the speaker’s message according to listeners. Consider the speech-specific merchandise that needs to fit the right consumer. Another skill is creativity. Writers are like artists so resourcefulness is something that you should learn. It may be difficult at first but you need to be patient until this is all done and mastered.


Create a unique voice. Refrain from writing discourses for only one individual. As a speechwriter, you have to spend adequate time with the person you are writing for. Learn some of the expressions that your client is used to articulating. Once you have finished writing, it is imperative to read the speech aloud several times. Ask yourself if it is appropriate for the listeners? Reviewing the speech allows the writer to notice flaws and make the necessary revisions.




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