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Simplicity Yet Impact On Writing Speeches

5 Jul , 2014  

Writing speeches is not similar to writing an essay. They are completely different. First, essays are intended for the audience to read while speeches are intended for the audience to hear. Therefore, in speeches, the more you can make it conversational; the better the outcome will be. In fact, it is recommended to limit the length of your sentences. Sentences that are lengthy can confuse your listeners and make your point more difficult to comprehend. Simplicity is the key here. Since you will be talking to a crowd, write your content as if you are speaking while you write your speech. Therefore, you can omit big words, make use of contractions and even break a few rules in English grammar. Yes, an English teacher and professor will frown on the way you speak, but you are there to give a speech or simply to talk rather than write an article or book.

Getting straight to the point, using concrete sentences and words, as well as using examples are also recommended when writing speeches. In other words, avoid being vague about the message you want to convey. Be concise and at the same time compelling. This is important. You need to make your audience believe that you know what you are saying or talking about. Therefore, thoroughly research the content of your speech and maintain a good rapport with your audience to keep them engaged.

Most of the speeches are aimed to persuade the listeners. In this case, you have to stick with the ‘classic structure’ in which there is a problem and you have a solution for it. You define and specify the problem in the first part of the speech and then present possible and viable solutions to the problem. Finally, you have to simplify your speech. You can do this by cutting unnecessary words in order to make the speech clear. As one speechwriter of the senator of the United States said, “fewer words equal clearer point” – take it to heart!


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