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Sending Emails: Beware of Spam Filters

27 Aug , 2014  

If one of your social media marketing strategies includes the sending of emails to your possible customers, your email is at risk of being a spam message because, let’s admit it, many spams are sent every single day. But with the honesty of your work and the need to engage customers in the social media, sending emails can be a good choice too. The question is, how can you avoid these spam filters? Here are a few rules you should remember:

1. A unique subject title can be a good head start. There are a few choices you could pick, it all depends on you.

2. Avoid the trigger words. What are these words? They sound very much like selling, or words like – “You won!”, “Congratulations!”, “Click here, it’s free!” and many more of them. Spam filters are good at their job, so make sure you don’t use many of these words above. Start with research, you’ll see how many words can trigger these spam filters.

3. The art of simplicity. Never be too colorful nor a font addict, it’s too – childish, not to mention it’s how spams are most likely to look. Keep it simple with only the important details to say. Stick to one font, color and size. When it comes to graphics, use them in a minimal way. Spam filters consider these emails that contain too many graphics as an adult content email which makes them – stuck in the spam folder, waiting to be deleted.

4. Now, where do the customers click to direct them to your link? Anywhere that can easily be spotted but – here you go again – like the use of graphics, use links sparingly because you know what happens when there are too many.

5. Above all else, you should be honest. Good luck!



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