Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


The writing team at QCS keeps this important factor in the forefront of every project we do. We are constantly monitoring for any changes in optimization, which occur more often than some realize. That is why we wear white hats.
When someone types in a word or list of words into the search bar, the first web sites to show up have the highest ranking. They appear early and frequently, while others less optimized, show up several pages later, if the customer keeps searching.

Search engines target many different things, such as images, local and industry specific searches. If someone is searching for “hardwood floors” for instance, several sites will come up that sell that product. The best quality – determined by search engines – is favored.

We cross-reference SEO indexing with site content to assure the viewer will get the information they are searching for. We include back links and hyperlinks to increase visibility.

The most important thing to note is we write with the consumer in mind, with proper number and placement of keywords and long tail keywords we conform to SEO guidelines.

We welcome the opportunity to show you what we can do for your company. Even if you have had previous penalization, from search engines – we can help you fix the problems and you can request a re-evaluation. The site will no doubt be scrutinized for a while to be sure you are keeping your information factual and providing quality content, we can help you keep on track with that too.

Act now, the sooner you call us – the sooner we can get started. Check our online store for prices and call our helpline or just shoot us a quick email.