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Search Engine Optimization Techniques & Tips

7 Jun , 2014  

In order to use search engine optimization effectively you must first understand what search engine optimization is. It is essentially whatever helps to establish your business in a higher ranking in the list of results, or hits, of a search query. Search engine optimization is therefore specific to each search engine, i.e. Google or Bing, but for practical instructive reasons, we will use Google in this example. Please note that search engine optimization is not comparable to an on-off switch, but rather it is a craft and sometimes requires much trial and error.


1. Get the scoop: Become one of the top search results by finding out what’s trending. To find out what is trending use Google ad words keyword planner. It can help you establish social network campaigns, by simply providing historical statistics of words. You can then utilize these words in your ad campaigns, to help drive customers to your door.


2. Get the site: Though most domain names already taken, you can easily overcome this hurdle. Take for example Coca-Cola’s “Ahh” campaign. Coca-Cola purchased the domains: www.AHH.com, www.AHHH.com,www.AHHHH.com , etc. with each page having different content for the user to interact with. Coca-Cola used a very simple strategy, akin to having a mascot in word form, which yielded great results. HINT: do not limit yourself to the old-faithful .com or .net; use your creativity, like Floss.it or NoMore.TV. Be sure to buy domains that are going to help you maximize your return.


3. Get the right platform: There are many ways for you to build your site, but if you want something that is user-friendly and Google friendly, go with WordPress. The great thing about Word Press is its easy-to-use interface. It also has something similar to Google’s AdSense, called Word Ads, similar but not at all the same. Word press, at one point had an incompatibility with Google’s AdSense, but a plugin has since fixed the issue. Two other popular plugins are all-in-one SEO-Pack and Yoast. Be sure to include all the proper meta-tags you want to include for the search engine’s bot to read. Also, change your permalinks in the Word Press settings to include your post titles. Be sure to cross-link between each one of your pages. Remember, high quality back links throughout your pages will help your traffic.


4. Become the scoop: Promote your campaign using social media. Use creative and engaging techniques relative to each of your social media accounts to entice users to interact with your content. Every piece of content that you create should be unique and original. Be sure to use hash tags but not overuse them.


5. IN THE LONG RUN: check the vitals of your campaigns. Check Facebook, insights, Google analytics, and any other data to see which of your campaigns had a good effect. Doing steps one through four can help promote your company to the top of the search engine results, but must be done as often as possible. Being a consistent hitter with trends will ensure that your brand gains more overall recognition and higher rankings in search engine results.



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