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Quotes As Ingredients For Success In Writing Speeches

7 Jul , 2014  

We hear speeches and presentations often. However, you may have heard an individual who wrote or spoke something memorable and powerful. If you are moved by a speech or presentation, note the good practices that the speaker utilized. Imagine yourself giving that same message internally, as if you are speaking with the speaker’s voice. Do not forget to cite him/her if you do this!

Utilizing quotes can be an effective tool to drive a point across. Doing this can strengthen your ability to write and give speeches. In fact, one of the most influential French writers during the Renaissance, Michel de Montaigne used this technique. “I quote others only the better to express myself,” according to Montaigne.

The world has been experiencing an outburst of great minds. You can easily find great quotes and you have numerous resources to do so. As you use quotes in writing speeches, you have to make sure they are related to the point you wish to express. You have to ensure that the quote you use will support your message to your audience. Here are some examples:

If you wish to send a message about the benefits of reading books, you can use a quote from Rene Descartes: “The reading of all good books is like conversations with the finest men and women of past centuries.”

If you wish to say something about credibility, why not utilize what Thomas Jefferson said: “Nothing is more confusing than people who give good advice but set bad examples.”

If you wish to use quotations you can try including these at the start or end of your presentation. Help the audience visualize your message. Step up your speech writing with famous and reliable quotes!


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