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Quick Tips for Professional Article Writers

15 Jun , 2014  


Even if you are a pro, there is no harm in learning additional pointers in article writing. This will always be an advantage whether you are composing blog articles, press releases, or marketing copies. You need to be motivated and updated with fresh information and current trends or styles in writing. It is also advisable to publish your content after a day so you can take a second look and give it a final round of editing.


One of the first things you need to remember is to write straight to the point. Use the active voice because it adds strength to your statements. This does not mean that you cannot use the passive form. Use this tactically. Choose terminologies with care. Opt for accurate and expressive words. This strategy will help your readers imagine and experience the message that you want to convey. Avoid meaningless modifiers since these do not provide information. Fillers do not make sense and only serve to make your sentences longer.


Change your sentence structure every now and then. Using the same composition all throughout will make your content monotonous. However, brief and simple sentences are still the best way to impart your ideas. Bullets should be concise and allow readers to move quickly through your content. In article writing, it is important to use the second person. This is a way of addressing the reader directly. Titles should be catchy to keep your reader. Break down long paragraphs. Content with short sections is easier to read. Use a spell and grammar checker. Misspelled words and grammar errors indicate that you are not being strictly professional.


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