Public Relations


Shaping your companies image is one of the most important steps you can take to enhance your reputation in the business world or community. This area tends to be evaluated last, when in fact it should be the first pathway opened in your business and revisited frequently.

Honest open communication is easily achieved and critical in defining your image. Get it done, just make the call or send an email so we can get started now.

Whether you are repairing a negative reputation or just making a good one great, a favorable newsletter or statement might be all you need. This will give people a fresh new look at your establishment and increased contacts will be the result.

It doesn’t matter if it’s related to customer service, a political campaign or interdepartmental issues. Keeping everyone informed and providing the data you wish to convey in a professional well-organized manner is a huge factor in reducing dissatisfaction in employees and consumers alike.

QCS has experienced writers to help you effectively relay your message. Keeping the public aware of your products or services is imperative for your future.

Likewise, changes in policies and procedures within the workplace can be disruptive if everyone isn’t on the same page. A well-written speech or a simple yet professional report “soothes the savage beast” as they say. QCS has provided this particular service many times.

Public relations encompass far more than just media coverage. It now includes blogs, social media and marketing materials. PR is the best way to keep shareholders, employees and managers in the loop and confident in your growth.
Steve Brown, the CEO, has more than twenty years’ experience and is well educated in the field. This expertise is at your disposal – he gladly offers advice and guidance to assure your expectations are not only met – but also exceeded. Together you will collaborate and develop a specialized course of action to afford you with honest quality work within your mandated timeframe. Our prices are quite affordable and relative to the project at hand.

Be proactive and prevent misleading scuttlebutt from damaging your company or if you choose to, wait until the inevitable happens, then give us a call to help with repairs.

Our goal is to manage your reputable company into the spotlight ensuring your success. The sooner you contact us the faster we can accomplish the task together.