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Proper Use of Colors as Marketing Tools for Your Small Business

9 Jul , 2014  

It is a fact that colors have been identified to make powerful psychological impressions on the decisions of people. In your small business, you may want to harness its impact. About 93% of the time your buyers place emphasis on the visual appearance of your products and there are about 85% of your customers claiming that the color is the main reason for their purchase. Therefore, you have to thoroughly consider the color in your marketing strategy.

If you do not have any idea how color can influence individuals, consider the following:


  • Red can create sense of urgency. In the case you promote sales of your products, use red. This color also encourages appetite and stimulates physical activity.
  • Blue is commonly the favored color of men. Psychologically, it is associated with reliability, tranquility, peace and, water. Most conservative brands used this color to promote trust in their services and products.
  • Green is the color associated with nature, power, tranquility and health. In businesses, this color is utilized to provide a relaxing ambience for customers. Green encourages decisiveness.
  • Purple is about respect, wisdom and royalty and it can stimulate creativity and problem solving. If used as a marketing strategy, it is suited for promoting beauty, anti-aging and skin care products.
  • Yellow and orange are cheerful in hue promoting optimism. Orange can activate a sense of caution while yellow can make infants cry. Psychologically, these colors can draw in window shoppers and impulsive buyers.
  • Black is about strength, stability, power and authority and many view it as the color of intelligence. However, if it is used frequently, it can overwhelm.
  • Grey is associated with solidarity, old age and practicality. Too much use of grey can project depression and nothingness.
  • White is about safety, cleanliness and purity. This color can promote neutrality as well as creativity.

As you use colors as part of your small business marketing, make sure to utilize contrasts in order to minimize eyestrain and guide you customers to focus their attention on the particular items of interest. In addition, color vibrancy can dictate the viewer’s response emotionally to your product design.



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